How to cook Chicken liver steak

How to cook Chicken liver steak

Cooking time : 60min

(it is referenced from ABC cooking studio japan)

  ingredients(for 4 pieces of steak)

  1. Chicken liver 100g
    • plus curry powder 1/4ts
  2. Pork and beef chopped 300g
    • plus salt,black pepper little.
  3. 1 Onion, Bread flakes 20g, milk 40cc, 1 egg
  4. Tomato, Olive oil 1Ts
  5. Sauce : Water 100cc, Soy sauce 2Ts, Alcohol(red wine)2Ts, Sugar 2ts, Starch 1ts


1. Chop the chicken liver into small pieces and add 1/4ts of curry powder.

2. Put pork and beef chopped 300g in another bowl and marinade it with salt, black pepper.

Mix it up smoothly and add a chopped onion, bread flakes 20g, milk 40cc and one egg.

3. Mix 1 and 2.

4. Add olive oil on the pan and divide the meat content into 4 pieces. Shape them like a basin.

5. Start to cook it in high heat.

6. Turn over carefully before the back side is burned.

7. Pour the sauce prepared and heat all of them for a minute.

8. Grill Tomato and avocado with olive oil in anther pan with a little salt and pepper.